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Codecs are essential for the correct playback of media files. The codecs installed on your system will determine the media file types that your players can play, but just installing them may not always be enough. Shark007 Standard Codecs not only offers you a comprehensive set of codecs for all your media players, but also the option to configure them correctly and according to your specific requirements at no cost.

What makes Shark007 codec packages different from other well-known packs (such as K-Lite) is that they’ve been designed to work properly with all media players, and not only with the most widely-used ones. While other codec packs assume that all computers are the same and that we all tend to use the same audio and video players, Shark007’s solution allows you to tailor your codecs to fit your system’s configuration and your media preferences.

The package offers you distinct sets of codecs for 32- and 64-bit architectures, allowing you to decide which set or sets you wish to install. If you install both, you’ll find similar yet different GUIs for each set of codecs, with options that are only valid for a specific architecture. Here is where your knowledge about codecs and how they work comes into play. You will find tabs for different types of codecs, such as MKV, H254/S, AVI/WMV, or MPEG/DVD. Each of these tabs offers settings specific to the codec(s) involved, and to tweak these settings correctly you are required to know what you’re doing. Alternatively, you can check the “Shark007 Suggested settings” box in each tab, and let the program perform its magic in a more or less standardized way. Checking these boxes will allow, for example, Windows Media Player and Media Center to playback all your media files.

Shark007 Standard Codecs will allow your media players to recognize and play back DivX, APE, FLAC, FLV, MKV, Ogg, RMVB, XviD, M4B, and MKA files, among others, as well as LAV filters and VSFilter for displaying subtitle streams. If you still need to enlarge your codec library, you’re invited to download and install Shark007 Advanced Codecs, which includes support for 3D video files, ISO images, etc., also for free.

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  • Offers distinct codecs for 32- and 64-bit configurations
  • Expert users can configure the installed codecs
  • Provides suggested settings for each codec group
  • Codecs can be enabled or disabled at will


  • Making the most of this tool requires advanced knowledge about codecs
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