Shark007 Standard Codecs

Shark007 Standard Codecs

Codecs to play MKV and other formats using Windows Media Player
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Shark007 Standard Codecs for Windows 7, 8, and 10 allows you to play various audio and video formats (including MKV) using Windows Media Player and other programs. You also get an application for managing the installed codes and changing their settings. The Settings Application is 100% UAC compliant.

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  • Question: Installed Shark007 Standard Codecs version 3.08. Entered file types with window filetype associations. I set Windows Media Player 12 set as 32 bit default. My question is do I have to do anything with the 64bit components or just leave it alone? My system is 64bit with Windows 10 installed.

    As long as the 32bit codecs have been installed and the player is working just fine, then there is nothing to be done in this case. In some cases, the 64bit codecs will be needed by media players that don't recognize the 64bit ones. As long as the codecs are installed correctly on your computer, then there is nothing to be done. Just open your favorite media player and play the files you already have.

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